Michel Lalonde


Good Times in St-Boniface!

Music / La musiqueFeb 25, 2019

What a great time we had in St-Boniface for the 50th edition of Le Festival du Voyageur. So many great bands, packed venues, people partying but really into the music. I got to play some of the new songs for a good group of listeners and also got to do three shows with my buddies from La Raquette à claquettes!

I have to admit it felt a little daunting playing the new songs for a small group who were really listening. Standing alone on a big stage in a tent, it was an interesting experience sharing these new tunes that seem to come from a little more intimate place. But everyone made it out alive and it was pretty cool.  

As for the three shows with La Raquette, we had a blast. It was so much fun playing for an audience that really gets into the music.

A new album in the works…

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A new album in the works…