Michel Lalonde



    L'amour fou

    L’Amour fou is an record crafted over time, a melodic mixture of stories, social comment and humour.

    Produced by Paul Campagne, the album brims with stories inspired by everyday events and the preoccupations of the common folk. Michel Lalonde delivers simple and thought-provoking poetry, that touches upon the romantic and serious as much as the absurd and the genuinely funny things we experience as human beings.

    From the very first moment, we are carried by Michel Lalonde’s whimsical descriptions and his often quirky take on everyday life’s challenges. A genuinely warm listening experience, garanteed to put a smile on your face.

  1. Du soleil sur ma guitare Lyrics
  2. L’Amour fou Lyrics
  3. Ball of Flame Lyrics
  4. Boum Baby Boum Lyrics
  5. Le Cœur du pays Lyrics
  6. Dans l’ bon vieux temps Lyrics
  7. La Dernière chance Lyrics
  8. J’ croyais pas Lyrics
  9. Banlieue-dortoir Lyrics
  10. Le Rêve américain de Ti-Clin Labrosse Lyrics
  11. Les Temps modernes Lyrics
  12. Quand le sommeil Lyrics
  13. La Première fois Lyrics
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A new album in the works…