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    Comme un engin

    Michel's third solo album takes him back to his musical roots, back to the little red island... PEI where the amazing Garolou story started way back in the 70's. Michel's writing has matured and his voice fits seamlessly into this breath of fresh air that is the beautiful soundtrack to his songs, an eclectic mix of musicians and singers steeped in authentic roots music.

    Rémi Arsenault who produced and arranged the music and François Lamoureux who mixed the album both did a masterful job. Check it out!

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  1. J' suis fait comme ça Lyrics
  2. Tour ce qu'on avait Lyrics
  3. Marilou Lyrics
  4. Dis-moi qu'est-ce que t'as Lyrics
  5. Cap sur l'amour Lyrics
  6. Comme un engin Lyrics
  7. Joli coeur de rosier Lyrics
  8. Ma vie a changé de bord Lyrics
  9. Tu danses dans ma tête Lyrics
  10. C'est toujours toi Lyrics
  11. J' suis fait comme ça - Radio edit Lyrics
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    L'amour fou

    L’Amour fou is an record crafted over time, a melodic mixture of stories, social comment and humour.

    Produced by Paul Campagne, the album brims with stories inspired by everyday events and the preoccupations of the common folk. Michel Lalonde delivers simple and thought-provoking poetry, that touches upon the romantic and serious as much as the absurd and the genuinely funny things we experience as human beings.

    From the very first moment, we are carried by Michel Lalonde’s whimsical descriptions and his often quirky take on everyday life’s challenges. A genuinely warm listening experience, garanteed to put a smile on your face.

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  13. Du soleil sur ma guitare Lyrics
  14. L’Amour fou Lyrics
  15. Ball of Flame Lyrics
  16. Boum Baby Boum Lyrics
  17. Le Cœur du pays Lyrics
  18. Dans l’ bon vieux temps Lyrics
  19. La Dernière chance Lyrics
  20. J’ croyais pas Lyrics
  21. Banlieue-dortoir Lyrics
  22. Le Rêve américain de Ti-Clin Labrosse Lyrics
  23. Les Temps modernes Lyrics
  24. Quand le sommeil Lyrics
  25. La Première fois Lyrics
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