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A new single for the first days of summer

Music / La musiqueJun 19, 2019

Well the new album is finally recorded. Mixing is moving right along and we're ready to give you a first taste. A new single on Full Stereo Records is due to hit the airwaves within a few days. The first song released off the upcoming album, the title track, J' suis fait comme ça (loose translation:  That's just the way I am) was one of the first sparks that led to this new record.

Hoping this first single will want to make you hear more and buy the album which will be out in mid-September. It took a little longer to finish the album but I am so happy I had the luxury of letting the songs and the sound mature. In the end, a few songs were left behind but we added a couple of really cool tunes.

Anyhow, thanks for your patience... it'll be worth the wait. Hoping you all have a great summer and maybe you'll find yourself humming the melody to the new single J' suis fait comme ça!

A new album in the works…

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A new album in the works…