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Showcasing at Contact ontarois

Music / La musiqueJan 12, 2024

I'm happy to announce that I'll be showcasing my new one-man show "De Glen à Garolou" at the Harold Shenkman Centre in Orléans as part of Contact ontarois 2024. The show is a musical travelogue of my five plus decades on stage and the somewhat surprising story of a little rock band that reinvented Frenc Canadian folk music.

The show is first for me, performing alone on stage, with a guitar as I relive my musical adventures and celebrate the work I did with Lougarou and Garolou. As a backdrop, I've gathered photos and video footage that help tell the story of growing up in a little French speaking village in Eastern Ontario in the Fifties and going on to tour the world with some fantastic people and helping give new life to my musical roots. 

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