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Rock the crisis away

PodcastsAug 15, 2020

In 1970, Canadians lived through a political electro-shock: the War Measures Act, soldiers in the streets, a state of apprehended insurrection. But it was during this dark time that a chance meeting would pave the way for events that would have a major impact on my life and my career.

At the time, I was living with my brother and two musician friends in Lancaster, Ontario, ten minutes from the Québec border. And every weekend, we would cross over to go and play in Rivière-Beaudette. Needless to say, we would get searched every time we went through the police check point. That's just the way it was during what came to be known as the October Crisis.

It was during that period that I met someone who would become a brother-in-arms and share in all of the musical adventures that would come my way over the next twenty years. He joined the band as our new drummer in this little band that was more like family than anything else. During that gloomy fall and winter, as we got to know our new band-mate better, we plunged into Southern Rock, a musical genre that seemed to bridge the gap between the innocent exuberance of the Sixties and the political reckoning of the changing times.

As we live through this pandemic, I am reminded that dark times can sometimes bring new beginnings and for sure, during that long winter, that is what happened to this rag-tag crew who would go on to form Lougarou and later Garolou,. Spring would bring new hope and a new sound. The Seventies were upon us!

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