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Music / La musiqueJan 20, 2021

Michel et Les Loups Marins streaming on demand... February 12

Live on stage from the storied Angèle Arsenault theatre in Prince Edward Island, Michel Lalonde performs with Keelin Wedge and Rémi Arsenault, two members of his touring group, Les Loups Marins.

PodcastsAug 15, 2020

Rock the crisis away

In 1970, Canadians lived through a political electro-shock: the War Measures Act, soldiers in the streets, a state of apprehended insurrection. But it was during this dark time that a chance meeting would pave the way for events that would have a major impact on my life and my career.

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PodcastsAug 9, 2020

Deux légendes (Two Legends)

In 1969, I was in a group with three other guys and, brimming with wit, we decided to call ourselves ABCD. We had arranged two songs that represented my whole songwriting catalogue. Our manager arranged for a recording session to produce a 45 single consisting of "Pour l'amour, y a du temps", a hippy-inspired peace anthem on side A and "Demain, nous revenons à Tijuana". a little nod at the counter culture of the late sixties on side B.

So, bright and early, one Saturday morning...

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PodcastsAug 5, 2020

A Less Quiet Revolution

As America is seduced by the charm of all that is British, the Québec scene is equally enthralled. Soon a bevy of young talented artists and musicians are adapting this music and releasing French versions of American and British hits.

Episode 6 A Less Quiet Revolution

PodcastsJul 27, 2020


A few days before school started in 1969, three friends of mine and I went on weekend trip to New York City. On our way, we stopped at a bar in upstate New York and met some kids. They told us about this cool music festival they'd come back from, that we had barely heard about.

Episode 5 Woodstock

PodcastsJul 18, 2020

The Summer of Love

1967... Canada was 100 years old, and western popular culture was about to enter an new era. Those were heady times with a whole new generation on the move and intent on shaking things up and changing the world.

Episode 4 - The Summer of Love

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