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Butterflies and more

Music / La musiqueSep 30, 2018

I'm feeling a lot of emotional flow as we get ready to start recording tracks for the new album tomorrow.  I'm of course excited but I'm also a bit nostalgic thinking of my mother who died the first day of fall. Fall always brings out a mixture of feelings for me: the hope new beginnings, a new school year, the glorious beauty of summer's end.  I spent a lot of that late summer at my mom's bedside in 1986 and I wrote her a poem during those last few days that I somehow had the strength to sing in front of my siblings at her funeral.

At this point, I hope those of you reading this don't think I'm in a funk. Optimism, trepidation and joy would be closer to what I'm feeling. But I'm also still awed by the power of music, and even more by the power of making music which seems as mysterious to those of us who are lucky enough to do it as it is for the ones we touch.

How nourishing and humbling it is to work with people you trust completely to not only get your tune and your lyrics to sound cool, but to get the spirit of your music to come through. I feel really lucky about running into a guy like Rémi Arsenault who is producing the record. From the first time we talked about doing this project, getting to bring out the spirit of the songs is what he told me was most important to him. That's the way I look at it too. Can't wait to get down to business with the crew he's assembled. It's gonna be fun!

Most or the album is in French but I will have a few songs in English on it. This song, If I Could Make You Fly, probably won't be on the album, but I thought I would put it out there for her, my mom, the one I wrote if for... for Maggie who didn't fancy herself a musician but gave birth to a few. 

If I Could Make You Fly

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