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Music / La musiqueFeb 6, 2024

A Musical Voyage

We had a wonderful time at Contact ontarois last month in Ottawa. Many of you who could not attend are curious about the new show, so I thought I would share with you what drove me to create this one-man show at this point in my career.      


Music / La musiqueJan 12, 2024

Showcasing at Contact ontarois

I'm happy to announce that I'll be showcasing with an excerpt of my new one-man show "De Glen à Garolou" at the Harold Shenkman Centre in Orléans as part of Contact ontarois 2024. The show is a musical travelogue of my five plus decades on stage and the somewhat surprising story of a little rock band that reinvented Frenc Canadian folk music.

Music / La musiqueMay 2, 2023

Happy to be back at the Franco Festival

 What a pleasure it is to be back performing at le Festival Franco in Ottawa, coming up June 16th at Major's Hill Park.

Music / La musiqueFeb 28, 2022

Les Rendez-vous de la francophonie

Great to be back on stage in Saskatchewan for this annual celebration of French culture.

Music / La musiqueJun 28, 2021

Mon Amérique Back for a Second Season!

Following last year's series success, Mon Amérique is back for a second season. This summer's musical celebration will feature the music of the wild 1970s decade.

Click here for Épisode 1

Music / La musiqueJun 28, 2021

Michel Lalonde Part of OCMA Legacy Lineup

Happy to be on stage with legends Sylvia Tyson, Marie Bottrell, Russel DeCarle and The Good Brothers, as part of the Legacy Revival and the annual celebration of Ontario Country music. 

Music / La musiqueJan 20, 2021

Michel et Les Loups Marins streaming on demand... February 12

Live on stage from the storied Angèle Arsenault theatre in Prince Edward Island, Michel Lalonde performs with Keelin Wedge and Rémi Arsenault, two members of his touring group, Les Loups Marins.

Music / La musiqueJun 29, 2020

Mon histoire... a web conference

On July 9th, join me for an informal chat and question and answer session, hosted by La Société historique de la Saskatchewan. I will be sharing my experience, growing up in a small Eastern Ontario village on the Québec border and my fateful encounter with music...

More info on conference

If you're curious...

Music / La musiqueJun 26, 2020

Mon Amérique

Starting June 27th, please join me every Saturday morning for an episode of Mon Amérique, à musical road trip back in time.

More info (French)

Music / La musiqueFeb 7, 2020

A lot happened in 2019

For all of you who have followed me over the last year or so, you've probably noticed that I've moved around quite a bit. 

Music / La musiqueJan 30, 2020

Comme un engin... two new videos

The new single Comme un engin is due for release on February 10th. In the meantime, here are two videos of the song.

Comme un engin - Official Video

Comme un engin - Lyric Video

Music / La musiqueJan 27, 2020

New single and video coming

New single and video coming on February 10th.

Music / La musiqueJan 23, 2020

Ontario Country Music Awards

Happy to announce I will be performing at the Ontario Country Music Association's Legacy Revival Performance at the annual CMA Awards presented in May in London, Ontario.

Music / La musiqueNov 15, 2019

Pre-game jitters

In a few hours, we're hitting the road for a six-stop tour through Québec, New-Brunswick and PEI. Even after all these years, it's always the same... checking lists, making sure we don't forget something important.

Music / La musiqueOct 9, 2019

Tour stopping in Québec City!

We will be in Québec City with the whole band to showcase the new album Comme un engin, Sunday November 17h at l'Anti Bar. Advance tickets available.

Music / La musiqueSep 29, 2019

Order the new album now!

The new album in both CD and Vinyl is available now. Download available October 11th.

Follow the links:

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Vinyl Format

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Music / La musiqueAug 24, 2019

J'suis fait comme ça... The new video is now on line

The new video of the first single off the new record, J'suis fait comme ça, is now on line. We had a blast making the record and a lot of the shots in the video are in the little shed we turned into a studio in Mont Carmel, PEI.



Music / La musiqueJul 26, 2019

Comme un engin... in the can!

The album tracks are mixed and one of the new songs jumped out at us.

"Comme un engin" is the title of one of the songs we worked on at the very end of the project and it felt like we had put the last cog in the machine.

More to come...

Music / La musiqueJun 19, 2019

A new single for the first days of summer

Photo - Kat Villacorta

Well the new album is finally recorded. Mixing is moving right along and we're ready to give you a first taste. A new single on Full Stereo Records is due to hit the airwaves within a few days.


Music / La musiqueApr 28, 2019

The last pieces of the puzzle

What a cool thing to finally find one of the last pieces of the puzzle. Steeve Poirier came up with a beautiful violin part for a song that we had been wrestling with for a bit. Looks like it was just waiting for his magic touch.

Music / La musiqueFeb 25, 2019

Good Times in St-Boniface!

What a great time we had in St-Boniface for the 50th edition of Le Festival du Voyageur. So many great bands, packed venues, people partying but really into the music. I got to play some of the new songs for a good group of listeners and also got to do three shows with my buddies from La Raquette à claquettes!

Music / La musiqueDec 13, 2018

Christmas is coming and so is the new album... in the spring!

With Christmas fast approaching, I thought some of you might want to see what 's happening with the new album. Well, I'm still working on it, and I'm really happy with where things are.

Music / La musiqueSep 30, 2018

Butterflies and more

Feeling a lot of emotional flow as we get ready to start recording tracks for new album.


Music / La musiqueAug 26, 2018

Wonderful evening in Hawkesbury

What a beautiful evening last Saturday at Le Centre culturel Le Chenail in Hawkesbury. Lynda and her crew rolled out the red carpet for this improvised acoustic concert.

Music / La musiqueAug 10, 2018

A Magical Evening

There was magic in the air and all around good vibes last Friday night in my friend Joe Fafard's studio. Fifty five people showed up for the concert and the energy was palpable. Thanks to all of you who made it out. I'm starting to feel really pumped as I head off to the studio.


Music / La musiqueAug 1, 2018

Steeve Poirier on stage with me

For those of you attending the concert at "Les Îles en ville" in Montréal on August 24th, I have a treat for you.

Music / La musiqueJul 25, 2018

Pre-sale for new album now online

Crowdfunding for my new album is now online. I'll be going at it hard for the next month as I make my way east. Recording is set to begin in late September.

Music / La musiqueJul 21, 2018

Concert in Regina

I will be performing at my friend Joe Fafard's studio on Friday August 3, at 8:30 PM.  It'll be a chance for me to play some of the new songs from my upcoming albium. I'll also delve into the past.

Music / La musiqueJul 14, 2018

Already one date to put on your calendar!

Crowdfunding for the new album is set to kick off this week, but there's already one date you can put on your calendar.

Music / La musiqueJun 19, 2018

Exclusive.... House concerts in August

I will be doing a series of house concerts in August as part of my fundraising campaign for the new album. I'd love to hear from you.

Music / La musiqueMay 31, 2018

Answer the question!

Thanks to the great team of À ciel ouvert. This small group of dedicated volunteers produce a very interesting monthly magazine.

Music / La musiqueMay 16, 2018

Crowdfunding set to kick off!

Crowdfunding for the production of my new album is set to start before the end of the month... Keep an eye out!

Music / La musiqueApr 11, 2018

New Website!

It's been a long time coming, but I'm so happy to finally get my new website on line. It's going to make it so much easier to keep you posted on all the exciting stuff coming up over the next few months... among other things, new concert dates and new music.

You'll be hearing all about it soon. Stay tuned!

Order the new album now!

The new album is now available in both CD and LP Vinyl formats.

Also available as download.

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Order the new album now!